welcome to sehike an Australia SEO Marketing firm with services designed to help you in the following:






Help you rank your website's Search Engine listings to the top of first page..




Help you create more leads and sales with top conversion help services..




Help keep your customers informed about news and current affairs about your industry with our high quality authored website content that will turn your readers into raving fans




Help you re-design your Small Business Brand from scratch, whether you are starting a Small Business from scratch or refurbishing your existing Business Brand, we have you covered...




Help you Create, Design and Manage your Business Social Page Accounts to help you grow and establish your brand and gain fans and customers.








You don't know what SEO Marketing is or you might rather pay someone else to Manage your Small Business SEO Marketing for you..




You're not to good with computers or with website programming & code editing, graphic design, content research or content creation..




You don't have the time to work on your Business SEO Marketing and would rather it be done by an SEO Agency that has years of experience and are affordable




Your Business is failing to bring in extra customers and you need help fast!




Introducing sehike the SEO Marketing Sherpa to help you all the way up to the top of the Search Engine Mountain


SE Hike is the result of 7 years SEO Marketing experience as an Internet Marketing Specialist. We have much to offer existing Local Small Business or new Business start ups. I always find it interesting to think about how SEO.. "3 little letters" have the world in a complete panic! How do you do it some ask?


You may have some knowledge about SEO Marketing but likely you might not have the time to do all the SEO work your self so you could be looking for a helping hand to do it for you because you hate computers or don't have spare time or a clue on how to do it yourself!


Well either way whether you know what SEO is, referred to us by someone or found us on Google Search we welcome you with enthusiasm and appreciation for considering us to help you with your Small Business SEO needs.


We feel very privileged to be have been hired previously by Small Business's to help expand and broaden there Marketing reach on Search Engines like Google.




Here's what you can expect from us at SE Hike


great service



We are easy going and prioritize your needs for success first and gladly answer all of your questions in a timely manner. We'll also keep you up to date with progress and even share with you our best ideas for making your website a profit machine.

top web design



We will work for your Business from the ground up and lay the foundations to make your Local Business stand out from the ever increasing crowd. Our unique website design strategy will kick the competition out of the park and gain you customers. Simple, Unique, standout and glorified Branding!

excellent results



Many times we can achieve SEO Results in less time than we planned for, this means Search Engine customers may find you sooner and you will be on the road to a better profiting solution your Business deserves. Together with our conversion strategies you will grow faster and stronger.



our promise to you

seo guarantee

SEHIKE Guarantees SEO Results Will Come Sooner and Better than any other SEO Marketing Agency!

Just contact us and get your free SEO Marketing estimate. If we do not deliver Search Engine Results we mention in the time frame we promised we will give you back your money!

That is how confident we are! We know Marketing, we know how to drive your customer's hungry for your products and services.

We tap into customers demands and give you a Marketing Plan to blow away your competition and bring in a pool of happy customers wanting to spend up.





SE Hike SEO Plans for anyone's budget

SEO Plan

SE Hike SEO Plan

$297 Set Up fee / $100 Per month after that includes:

3 hours work every month


Maintenance Task:

  • Write SEO Content for Marketing and Blogging
  • Nation Wide Market Research To Find Effective Marketing method
  • Website Page Optimisation by Google guidelines
  • Social Media Account creation, Design & Management
  • Google Maps/ Places Listing Creation
  • A complete SEO Marketing Management and Website Maintenance Service

SE Hike Tip:

This SEO Plan is good for Local Small Business that already have a website designed and Just want SEO help done.

Mountaineer SEO Plan

SE Hike Mountaineer SEO Plan

$297 Set Up fee / $147 Per month after that includes:

5 hours work every month


Maintenance Task:

  • Write SEO Content for Marketing on your Blog or website
  • Nation Wide Research To Find Best Target Marketing For Converting Customer's
  • Website Optimisation by Google guidelines
  • Social Media Management and Account Creation and Design
  • Google Places/Business Listing and optimization
  • A complete Search Engine Optimisation, Marketing and Website Maintenance Service

SE Hike Tip:

Good for Small Business with that little bit extra cash to spend for a little extra SEO Content and Marketing.

Being able to put in that extra time on your SEO can likely lead to a faster turn around for SEO Ranking and customer conversions.

Everest SEO Plan

SE Hike Everest SEO Plan

$2997 Set Up fee / $147 Per month after that includes:

6 hours work every month


Maintenance Task:

  • Write SEO Content for on your Blog or website
  • Nation Wide Research To Find Target Market For Converting Customer's
  • Optimisation by Google SEO guidelines
  • Social Media Account Creation, Design and Management
  • Google Places Listing and optimization
  • A complete SEO Management and Website Maintenance Service including: Logo Design: $380
  • Website Design with or without Shopping Cart feature: $2599, Add up to 15 Products to store inc
  • Domain name research, find and register

SE Hike Tip:

Good for Small Business needing to refurbish their old website.

Also may lead to quicker Search Engine Ranking with extra time added to SEO Marketing.

Optional Extras for SE Hike Plan And SE Hike Mountaineer Plan:


Logo Design:


Complete website Design + Shopping Cart feature for your online store free if needed:

$2997 ,adding of products extra see below


Technical Assistance else where:

$33.30 Hour
Example: More SEO Content Marketing monthly
Example: list all your products from your store
into the shopping cart categories of your website. Take pictures at location


Website Hosting:

$220 Year


Transfer Website to Web hosting with us Set up fee:





here's what our latest customer had to say about us:


"Xavier is always happy to help with all our SEO and website needs we have found him to be very professional at an affordable price and will continue to use his services into the future." - GC Driving, Gold Coast


5 Star SEO Review



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Our Location





There's only 1 thing left to do..


My friend so now you have learned what SE HIKE can offer you so it begs me to ask the question. I know what it would mean for your Business to be attracting customers like honey to the bee's.


But Responsive Marketing and great results usually only happen when you follow a simple process that is hardly used by any so called SEO Marketing Experts. How do I know this? I have researched Google and can tell you I have never seen a skillful SEO Marketer at affordable costs!


And if your thinking about doing SEO For yourself! I'm as sure as you may be that you can do everything that requires you for SEO Marketing given enough time, learning and effort for your Business SEO Marketing, but who has the time to do SEO Marketing the hard way? All I'm asking is to trust us and pay the lowest SEO Fee in Australia for this type of high quality SEO Work.


What I am offering you is a unique service that you will not get from any other SEO Marketer. Trust me when I say I'm probably the only Very Affordable High Quality SEO Service as an SEO Company Alternative in Australia.


Other SEO Services will complicate your Business with link building schemes and content marketing that does not bring confidence to your readers and customers.


I have been in this game long enough and know what sells and what doesn't sell. So with my Top SEO help you will not only fix your Business but you will learn much along the way.


There is no 1 Ultimate secret to SEO Ranking that will work for you, it is a process of using 200+ SEO Ranking Factors and being Consistent with your Content Marketing Every Week/ Month.


This is a real opportunity for you as it is for me. You are hiring an "SEO Extraordinaire at rock bottom prices" and I am blessed to have you as part of my Monthly SEO clients list.


I see opportunities for everyone, I wonder how Businesses don't know what there missing out on,sometimes Businesses are'nt aware of having to knock on the door for change to open paths for you! doubt, hesitations and fear get the better of them so they are blinded and never see what is possible, well we'll make it visible to you as plain day light.


I am just one phone call away, I won't confuse you with SEO gobble doc mumbo jumbo.. just straight to the point, pleased to meet you and I'll get back to you whith my SEO Plan.


I'll build your confidence and you'll understand why you need to choose us with our detailed SEO Marketing Plan. This is a Free Bonus I give to clients worth $497 for a limited time.


Just note that to maintain Highest Quality SEO Works I am Limiting the client positions available for Monthly SEO Plans. We are currently available for your Project but cannot promise this will last long. So hurry!


So if you need a helping hand to carry your website up the Search Engine Mountain I'm willing, able and ready for the haul ahead no matter how long or short you require it.


So pick up your phone and call me on 1800 SEHIKE (1800 734 453)


Only you can make the choice!


And I hope this day you do make a choice, and rest assured that we'll do everything to give your Business the needed boost to take it to the next level.



here's to your success.

Xavier Barroso

Xavier Barroso Signature

"SEO Extraordinaire at rock bottom prices."


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